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Security & Transport Corporation GmbH
Your security service from the Allgäu

The opening of the borders, together with a general transformation of social structures in Germany will cause a further rise in crime-rate during the course of the next few years. Petty crime and serious offenses are increasingly being commited by young offenders, who are mostly members of organised gangs.

The infringement of all manner of values has already become part of everyday life. The relevant authorities are often stretched to way beyond their limits. As a result, more and more security assignments from private individuals, from industry and from government positions are being transferred to our company.

S.A.T GmbH’s predecessor company was founded in November 1988 and converted into a GmbH on 1. April 1993.

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New office Frankfurt

Since the beginning of 2021, we are now also represented in Frankfurt (Rheinstraße 2, D-65760 Eschborn) with a new location. This means, that we can reach any city in the whole of Germany from there within 12 hours.

Our fleet includes 6 armored Audi A8 special protection vehicles as well as other luxury VIP vehicles from Mercedes and Audi (armored and unarmored).

Our trained chauffeurs and bodyguards will bring you safely to your destination. No matter whether in Germany or outside we are on request 24 hours for you in use. Thus, we can easily and flexibly respond to your wishes.

Also in Frankfurt we provide from now on with our service for your security:

  • armored vehicles for hire with chauffeur
  • unarmored vehicles with chauffeur for hire
  • Embassy Service
  • Personal security
  • VIP Service

With us on the safe side

Customer Expectations Security from our point of view
punctuality and reliability of staff On-Site-Communication with assigned personnel and client
A high standard and proficiency of the assigned personnel Assignment of peer-reviewed and skilled personnel
A visually respectable appearance Use of specific service clothing
A high degree of flexibility One-stop reliable coverage of all security sectors
Contemporary and job-oriented ideal equipment Provision and insertion of the latest and unimpeachable technologies
Economical costs Optimal customisation
Minimal fluctuation of employees Careful sourcing of staff and payment of efforts above the general pay scale