S.A.T. GmbH – “Spain”

Your Security Service in Spain / Mallorca

S.A.T. GmbH is a medium-sized company with 195 employees, subdivided into nine sections. We can look back on many years’ experience in the security branch. Each security section is responsible for a special security sector (more about us here). We work for international companies, governments, VIPs and persons requiring protection worldwide.

S.A.T. “Spain” Security Services on the island of Mallorca in Spain offers the same range of services as S.A.T. GmbH in Germany. The focal point in Palma de Mallorca is the safeguarding of villas (protection of premises) along with personal security, with hotel and chauffeur service. From our location in Mallorca we are able to offer our broad service spectrum throughout the Balearic Islands.


Services provided by S.A.T. GmbH “Spain”:

Hotel service with personal security

  • Personal Security
  • Yacht protection
  • Shopping event service in luxury limousines and personal security
  • Hotel service
  • Protection of premises / property surveillance of villas and houses
  • Shuttle service / chauffeur service
  • Escorts: personal security, bodyguard service and VIP Service
  • VIP limousine service with armoured limousines
  • Armoured vehicles with VR7/9 armour-plating
  • Hotel service with personal security

Contact Spain Office

S.A.T. GmbH Security and Transport Corporation “Spain”

Tel: +49 8330-94000
Mobil: +49 170-5618121
Mail: info@satsecurity.es