CPA System


Attacks against key leaders and important people have changed dramatically by the use of high-tech weapons / poisons
Thereby a huge and deadly security gap has opened up, making classic defence obsolete.

This new deadly gap must be closed by new high-tech reconnaissance and defence technologies.


The deadly security gap –
the great failing of the “good old” security standards.
Helpless against today’s greatest threats.


Because they can not handle today’s high-tech attacks, they even can not recognize them, not to say fending them off.

The new enemy is a phantom. It is not a real person anymore, no classic attacker or intruder. Nobody shows up to be tracked down, captured or stopped. That’s why all classic defence methods and technologies are failing now. The casualty can not be protected anymore by the existing security service. Deshalb versagen jetzt alle klassischen Abwehrmethoden und -technologien. Das Opfer kann durch den bestehenden Sicherheitsdienst nicht mehr geschützt werden.

The game changer – the new invisible enemy

Modern attackers do not come along with guns anymore
They even do no more come along, but do use remote controlled devices to bring their warfare agents to the target.

Their weapons are biochemical radionuclide materials. Absolutely imperceptible and absolutely deadly.

Mostly unloaded onto the target, using airborne devices with no acting person involved.

What are the consequences for the “good old” security measures?
You are useless against this new enemy!

Deadly attacks with modern biochem / nuclear weapons / secret warfare agents

– totally invisible and imperceptible in reality – here brought by drones. Rescue / help is only possible if the poison is detected before it can cause damage. The most dangerous warfare agent consists of radionuclides.

Important: the defence must aim against the drone’s WEAPON!

Because the danger does NOT come from the drone itself – but from its weapon! Here from the biochem radionuclide warfare agent unloaded above the target. Thus it is vital to detect the weapon and not just the drone.

High-tech threats require high-tech defence

Only our worldwide new ultra-modern scientific technologies can cope with these attacks. Ultra fast detecting and warning from these types of attacks are now achieved.

The solution

A high tech real-time scanning system which is surveying the entire environment of the target areas permanently, evaluating the scan result with artificial intelligence and alarming immediately by mobile phone in the case of threat.

The CPA CERBERUS PROTECTION AUTOSYSTEM – components and application

CPA scanning sensor 360° large area monitoring (outside mounting)

CPA ai electronic scanning signal evaluation
(inside mounting)

installed CPA sensor 360° large area monitoring (outside mounting)

installed CPA sensor 360°large area monitoring (outside mounting)

The CPA installation is fast and easy anywhere / the scanning sensor is mounted in open air


In the case of an occurring danger alarming is performed by a mobile phone message to the user. Additional alarming means are siren, flashlight and other auxiliary remote alarm devices, e.g. alarming on a yacht’s bridge.

The mobile phone – even if switched off – has no effect on the permanent functions of the CPA system itself.

This modern high-end security system converts any property or living environment into a fortress against high-tech attacks with a high-tech protection shield covering the whole life.

The CPA system – really FULLY automatic !

The user/owner has: nothing to know, nothing to learn, nothing to operate to get full protection.

Easiest use – without any operation – 100 % reliable.

You can completely “forget” the CPA system – but the CPA system will never forget you!

The CPA system monitors and protects all types of objects very effectively in real-time

The CPA system – ultra safe, not attackable, not interferable

The CPA system – blocking, hacking, espionage, sabotage impossible!

The CPA system does not generate or emit any signals, radiation or other traces. It is absolutely silent and cannot be detected or attacked by military or civil reconnaissance means or countermeasures. Nobody can detect that the CPA system is used.


Important: 100 % reliability and operational safety

The CPA system is permanently controlling itself with a built-in self-control function. This means a maximum operational reliability by permanent self-testing the entire system.

The CPA system – performance and application

The CPA system –
maximum protection under
the high-tech protection shield
Completely invisible, highly active and absolutely reliable, the CPA system scans the entire living environment permanently and reports instantly in case of danger.

Every property, yacht, factory, production facility, etc. can effectively be protected by the CPA system.

A panic room alone is not enough!

A panic room alone cannot protect against attacks with radionuclide poisons. Even if it is declared as radioactive radiation proof. As the attack does not come with radioactive radiation, but with radioactive particles (!)

Full protection by a panic room can thus only be assured by the mutual use of the CPA system.

Certified quality

the CPA system is tested and evaluated very well by the worldwide leading institution for nuclear research – CERN, Geneva, Switzerland.